Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet Neens

Friends are good, right? Wait. No friends are the best. We can all agree on that. Howzabout friends that are so nice it hurts and so talented and adorable you just simply can't get over the fact that they are actually your friends? I have friends like that Meet Nina Isabella: former college roommate, friend for life and super sick interior design guru. A few months back Neens started her own blog to celebrate all thing pretty, indulgent and cool. It's very cute and stylish and I want to pick it up and cradle it like a baby. Which incidentally is what I do to Neens every time I get to see her, whether she likes it or not.

She asked me if I would share some Porky over on Ciao Bella a few weeks back and today, she posted a link over here to yours truly. Thanks Neens! Much love, mama.


Here is a cute shot I took of her and her nephew at her wedding last summer.


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  1. awww i'm super flattered and in love with you, thank you darling! xxx


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