Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just a quick note. In my haste to post my blog before my computer melted into oblivion on Saturday afternoon (she is five years old and needs a new battery) I realize that I included an asterisk which had no information to follow it. What an amateur! No twin asterisk with what I meant to put down at the bottom of the page. The fact that I realized I never followed up my * made me want to string together a couple asterisks and ampersands and hit myself on the forehead "whatta f*$#&ng dummy!" Anyways, since everybody who reads this is waiting with baited breath the intention of my original asterisk was regarding horseradish. If I was not a complete and total failure of a blogger I would have done this:

*Did you ever notice that horseradish is the single most difficult thing to locate in any given grocery store, even the one you go to all the time? Anyone who has ever made Bloody Marys and/or horseradish sauce can feel me on this one, right? Is it in with the mustards and mayos, next to bottles labeled "Horseradish Sauce"? No, there will be horseradish spiked mustard, but no regular horseradish. Is it by the deli meats? Again, here we will find a horseradish themed sauce product, but not the real deal. Paul and I spent more than half of our trip to Whole Foods trying to locate this most elusive condiment. When I finally found it (in the case with the cheese, go figger) I emerged jogging past the salad bar with the jar raised above my head "Paul! Look!!" Victory!! Paul suggested that a good game show would be to make any consumer enter a grocery store and find a bottle of horseradish. The show could be called Horseradish Hunt and it would be a Supermarket Sweep for the new generation. I mean, finding a 15 lb. ham or a gigantic novelty size BabyBel cheese is easy pickens. Find me a jar of horseradish in record time and you my friend, are a true grocery store guru.


  1. Since you found the horseradish I shall slay a mommy gorilla and give you the orphaned baby as a prize.

    You sure are domestic to me. I wish you could make me lunch because I am having what may be the worst meal of my adult life. Turkey shepherd's pie from the cafeteria... yech. I should have gone for the double pizza dog.

  2. Hunting for horseradish is a seasoned game, when you see it on the shelf you buy it not matter whether you need it or not. No one wants to be stranded with the horseradish sauce when an important morning drinking event presents itself (St. Patty's in Southie!).

  3. I wish I'd read this before I spent 1/2 hour looking for it at Stop & Shop a few weeks ago. I thought the same thing. Cheese? WTF.

    Where does Paul work that he choses between turkey shepherd's pie and pizza dogs?


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