Monday, May 18, 2009

Case of the....

Monday is the hardest day. If you, like me, work in an environment where you a) wear what can best be described as “slacks” on a daily basis; b) stare at a computer all day and; c) lunch is the highlight of your day, you know where I am coming from. Most days, but especially Mondays, I find myself starving at 11:30 a.m. and I have an inner monologue with myself in which I urge me to hold off on snarfing down lunch just yet, because if I eat too early the part of the day that creeps from noon time towards 5 seems agonizingly longer than ever. Monday is the hardest day whether or not you roll into the office on hangover fumes wearing the same clothes from Friday night, or whether or not you have had a seemingly mellow weekend which may or may not have included: three long walks, one side of baked mac and cheese, and at least one argument over the calorie content of frozen yogurt. Someone tell me why, I don’t like Mondays? The best part of Mondays is the fact that I have dinner with my mom. A weekly occasion that involves me getting mentally comatose with the latest People magazine on her couch, a couple Parliaments and dash of the latest family gossip and a “light” dinner in which every vegetable involved is drowned to within an inch of its life in olive oil. The other best part of Mondays is the feeling of accomplishment that comes with getting my laundry done and putting clean sheets on my bed (fist pump). Everything else about Mondays is the absolute pits. The good news is I only have an hour left til dinner with the Piz.

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