Monday, August 3, 2009

Lucky Dickens

august 1

I don't know how I got so lucky, but today, in the first full day of my 29th year, I feel like I'm ('scuse my French) shitting shamrocks. It's one thing to feel appreciated on one's birthday. To have a simple dinner with the people you hold dear is more then I would ever ask. But to feel like I feel today is just sheer bliss.

"It's days like your birthday, regardless of how significant the age, when people have a good excuse to show how much you mean to them." A quote from Paul's email to me this morning, after I gushed about how great my weekend was and then further gushed about how surreal it feels to sign into your email after a weekend away from the computer and be greeted with over 30 well wishes by way of my Facebook page. I MEAN?! I know that Facebook tells people that otherwise would not know your birthday that it IS your birthday, but it still feels so nice to know that so many friends, near and far, took a few moments to say 'hello.' Facebook greetings aside, having my whole entire family and two very special friends gather together for dinner last night was the (wait for it- cheese alert) icing on the cake of a damn near perfect weekend (it looks like my maturity will not curb my penciant for dropping swears like it's my job. Sorry, Dad). So I just wanted to take a second to reflect on how I feel today, which is this: I just feel so very loved and I can't thank everyone enough. Especially this guy:

august 4

One final note: After a month of nothing-but-rich-restaurant dinners out in honor of Heather's visit home, my mom's birthday, my aunt's birthday, my birthday, etc., I am pledging today for more homecooked meals. Seriously, if I don't cut it out I surely will develop some form of juvenile (29 is still juvenile right? ha) diabetiss or a real deal case of The Gout. For the healthy, homecooked meals that are going to get me back on track, I will be using my new kitchen-centric birthday gifts courtesy of Paul, Erica, Annie and my dad. A real Lodge cast iron skillet! I'm SO excited. Oh, but this also means one of my future homecooked dinners will probably involve fried chicken. So much for staving off that case of The Gout. Life only happens once!


  1. Happy belated b-day. This is so sappy and sincere and sweet I almost didn't recognize you. As a very happy, formerly miserable, person, I love reading other peoples gratitude and happiness too.

  2. Katy you're so cute. I was just reading some posts of yours and crying. Oh, and I cried when I originally saw those re-adoption photos on Aldous' facebook in the first place. I am a complete and total sappy loser. Don't tell. A lot of people still think I'm a sassy former waitress who tells it like it is, but those who know me well know better.


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