Thursday, August 20, 2009

wednesday night dinner: a photo essay

Chilled avocado soup, chopped Greek salad, pan seared cod.

As a rule, I don’t like cold soups. Gazpacho is the only one I have extensive experience with and eating that always makes me feel like I’m eating a bowl of salsa. And frankly, if I’m going to eat a bowl of salsa, I’ll take the salty tortilla chips, glass of sangria and platter of mole poblano that should rightly accompany it. But still a creamy avocado soup called out to me yesterday. It was beautiful to make and super simple.

Two ripe avocados and one half a large English cuke, diced

cold soup

Thrown into the bowl of my trusty cuis’ (pronounced kweeze):

cold soup 01

Add half a container full fat Greek yogurt,

cold soup 03

The juice of half a lemon,

cold soup 04

And puree. My first taste test led me to add a lot more salt and pepper, a teensy splash of half and half, a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of Cholula and puree some more…

cold soup 06

The end result was beautiful to look at…

cold soup 07 cold soup 09 cold soup 08 cold soup 10

I mean I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it, but I ate about six bites and was all set. It was just a little bitter, I guess. My squeeze said it tasted like an under ripe banana, but he cleaned his bowl anyways. Nice work, buddy.

Fortunately some other exciting things happened in my dinner last night. Like a chopped Greek (sans lettuce) the making of which was easy and simple and no stove was required. Tomatoes and cucumbers:

greek relish

Finely diced red onion…

greek relish 01

Coarsely chopped Greek green olives (pitted and marinated and kind of expensive), crumbled feta cheese, salt, pepper and a small drizzle of olive oil. Peep my action shot!

greek relish 02

I did a victory dance after I captured that one and then chuckled out loud when right at that moment Paul yelled from the living room “you takin’ pictures of this shit or what?” Am I taking pictures? Am I ever. That slick drizzle of olive oil in action just made my night (dork). I tossed my chopped greek together and placed it and my creamy green soup in the fridge to chill for a bit. Watched Gordon Ramsey call a couple a restaurant owners stupid cows and then made some pan seared cod. If you’ve got a nice piece of fish (or scallops) all they need are two things to make them delicious:

cod 01

Old Bay before the cooking, lemons immediately after. Oh! And of course plenty of Salt n Pepa.

get up on this

I generously salt, peppered and Old Bayed each side of this lovely cod fillet.


Then seared it in olive oil at medium high heat. It tended to fall apart and stick a bit, but once I plated it up and squeezed some lemon, it didn’t look quite so messy. And it was delicious!

cod 03


  1. I just tried to leave a really long, kinda funny comment about if I'm gonna eat two avocados, lemon, yogurt... it's gonna be with tortilla chips and sangria and called guacamole. And how psyched I am for so many new recipes because I've made so many variations of lemon goat cheese pizza and salad with grilled ciabatta bread and it said other stuff and it got erased. Annoying.

  2. I bet it was an awesome comment. Blogger can be a total jerk sometimes. But now I get to just savor in my mind how funny and awesome your comment probably was. It's a gift in disguise.


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