Tuesday, September 22, 2009

recipe rave: corn and tomato pie

tomater pie

So I did mention a life altering pie when talking about last week's dinner party, did I not?

tomater pie 04

Have you ever seen on Saturday Night Live when Will Ferrell does James Lipton’s Inside the Actor’s Studio? In one sketch Kate Hudson is Drew Barrymore (which, incidentally made me like Kate Hudson a lot more, because she was very funny) and there's a point where they are talking about the movie E.T. Will Ferrell/Lipton says in classic, overdramatic Liptonian run-on sentences: “If you have not seen this film go right now to a store where videos are sold and rented and rent it or buy it and WATCH IT.”

tomater pie 05

Well, if you have never had Corn and Tomato Pie go right now to a place where tomatoes and corn are sold or rented and buy some or rent some and tuck them into a biscuit crust and pile them with shredded cheddar cheese and bake them, and EAT THEM. I am not going to dial down the drama here.

tomater pie 06

This pie could best be described as "stupid", "incredible" and my personal favorite, "straight ridiculous." The recipe I used was in last month's Gourmet. And the directions can be found online here.

Even though I think it is tedious and annoying to peel and seed tomatoes, you're going to want to take those extra steps in this case. I read another food bloggers account of making this pie and the only complaint voiced was that it was very soupy. And my friend Stevie made this pie as well and she said that it was, in fact, soupy.

tomater pie 07

So I heeded the suggestion to seed the tomatoes, even though to me that always feels like a total mess and a whole lot of work and makes the tomatoes look all ugly and stuff but in this case, it's merited.

tomater pie 08

My pie was not soupy. It was creamy and crusty and savory and delicious. I am counting the minutes until it's acceptable for me to make this again. You should make it. Quick before all the corn and tomatoes are gone!

tomater pie 09


  1. made the pie tonight - DEEEEElicious! I did seed my tomatoes, but still came out soupier than I would have liked. Next time, (and there WILL be a next time based on how much the other half loved it) I will also dry between towels...

  2. Sal, some people commenting on this also said they salted their tomatoes and let them sit a bit. Mine personally I peeled, sliced, seeded, then salted and peppered. My crust was extra thick, because I used a square baking dish instead of a pie pan. I think maybe the thick crust had something to do with combating the soupiness factor. Just a thought.


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