Friday, October 8, 2010

big pimpin

Once upon a time I was a waitress and bartender in a midrange American Bar and Grill. And at that lovely establishment I met many, many wonderful friends who I drank many, many beers with. I am still close to many of these friends today, even though life has blessedly taken us out from behind the Micros and out into the big bad world to seek our fortunes. One such friend from that job just so happens to be an excruciatingly talented graphic designer who is, in my mind, living the dream, having recently gone into business for herself and is, bit by bit, making it work, and making the world a whole lot cuter in the process. She suggested over email the other day that I let her help me make a neat little header for this here blog and the result is that she completely pimped out Porky D. Making it more adorable than I even thought possible! Hope you like the improvements! I’m also in the process of compiling a recipe index, because my sister told me she was looking for my black bean soup recipe for like an hour the other day. Life is hard enough, Porky Dickens should be easy. I will make it happen I promise. In the meantime, much love to Court! You’re the best!

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  1. so super cute and jess-ish. love porky dickens. LOVE jess. x nina


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