Tuesday, June 12, 2012

apparently so

Alive? Well, yes I am. Bad at time management? Apparently so. A terrible cook? Judging from the last two things I made: maybe? I have a policy of total honestly here when it comes to food and how it tastes. Because I think it's simply rude to present something as delicious when it is decidedly less than. So last Thursday I made a fancy fish dinner in the hopes that it would be tasty and attractive, which are the two requirements of any thing I post up here. I thought I would get a little Asian-fusion-y on some halibut and attempted to roast it en papillote with mushrooms and say sauce and honey and ginger and scallions and all that good stuff. Sounds good, right? Well...it came out really bad. So bad that I ended up eating hummus on crisp bread to fill up the rest of my belly. What a bummer that was (not the hummus, I always like that, but the ruining of the dinner). So with that failure, and with life being a little hectic and time in the kitchen being a little unattainable the past two weeks, I've got a big fat goose egg for a post right now. The best I can do is this attractive picture of broccoli. Will this hold you over? A real post with real food is in the works, I promise. Photobucket Creative Commons License

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