Tuesday, July 7, 2009

workin' on it

fourth 12

Oh hey, member me? I have been a mega slacker on here lately. I'm sorry Porky D., I have been otherwise engaged. Honestly, I swear to god, I feel really guilty that I haven't been able to find time to write but I have been living it up like a Fancy Pants World Traveler and Fourth of July Celebrator, PhD. Truth be told, I have loads of stuff to write about. What with me and some of my favorite ladyfriends having attended the Taste of Chicago last week and with all the amazing Fourth of July foods/festivities I have eaten and taken pictures of in the past week. However, right now, due to the two days off taken for the Taste of Chicago and having the 3rd of JUly off in order to start celebrating the USA a day early, I have nil time to sit down and type. It doesn't mean I love blogging it out any less. Please believe me. Did I mention my other super excuse? My beloved seestor is home for the whole(!!) month(!!!) of July(!!!!). Which means I'll have plenty of funny stuff to talk about but for right now....some 'works photos to tide us over.

fourth 15




fourth 15


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