Tuesday, December 29, 2009


sir mix a lot

Look what I got! I feel an exponential increase in my baking confidence just having this bad boy in my apartment. Thanks be to dad! I thought you had to get married to get one of these!! (hehe...bt dubbs Paul, this doesn't let you off the hook) (kidding, kidding!).

Okay so anyways... not only did I get a boss Kitchenaid stand mixer (!!!). I got two coveted cookbooks:


Oh, Molly, Molly, I have nothing but hearts and flowers for you and so far curling up with your book is super sweet. I need to make everything. Right. Now.


BITTMAN! For those that don't know Bittman is THE MAN. His column/blog/everything is pretty much 8 shades of awesome and NOW, I have not only a Bittman cookbook but the international one! (say "international" like the mom of Ricky in Better Off Dead when she says "you know...the international language). My kitchen is going to be mega exotic from now on thanks to Eric and Anne!

Anywho...I'm not finished. My creative scientific genius of a mans hooked me up with a full rig to start experimenting with cooking sous vide at home! Do you not know what sous vide is? Well, that's fine because like you, I also only knew the term from a couple exhilerating episodes of Top Chef. Well if you would like to know more about it, peep this, this or this. All you need to know about me and sous vide is that I now have top to bottom a full setup to start messing around with this "slow and low" cooking method.

So then, I come into work yesterday and there's like two articles on Serious Eats about sous vide. Is my dude cutting edge or WHAT? Apparently, it's going to revolutionize home cooking in ways the microwave couldn't even do! I'm pretty stoked about this because I have already mastered microwave cooking. Sous vide here I come!


  1. Your kitchen is now fully stocked! We need to come up and have a cook and bake fest sometime this spring... I am itching to try out your sous-vide toys! But promise me that we will NOT try making the alligator foot that was included in the slide show...

  2. I have the same mixer and the same book. I'm pretty sure this means you should come hang on my porch and eat when walking weather returns.

  3. Uh yes indeed lady! My mom saw you and the girls at the grocery store like, last week. She said they were talking up a storm and so cute. In a rare, not normal under any circumstances moment of shyness she didn't flag you down and say hi because you were busy and she wasn't sure you would remember her face. Needless to say when she told me the story I got mega jealous that she saw you guys and scolded her for being so bashful. As the sun gets warmer my time in Hull increases exponentially so expect to see me creeping by your house!


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