Tuesday, March 9, 2010

stay tuned


I know I completely skipped blogging last week. Trust me the guilt is seeping into my soul. But last week was kind of packed. I did a lot of things. I celebrated two years of heart throbbin' love with my main squeeze. By taking a boss date to El Sarape, followed by dine-in (yup) sundaes at Friendly's and a viewing of Napoleon Dynamite. I decorated the fridge with magnets and photos (fridge+visual appeal=priorities), successfully taught my first full length yoga class to a room of about 35 strangers (high kick!) and survived the first full week of cohabitation (thus far, no fatalities). So it was busy, busy. I did NOT however cook one meal in my new kitchen. I know, epic FAIL. But tonight I'm planning on whipping and chopping and searing and tasting, so stay tuned.

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