Monday, April 12, 2010

quick snack

see these?


these waffles are unlike any waffles you've ever seen. They are the result of a four year journey into the heart of waffle making. If you've had legit Belgian waffles like this, made with pearl sugar and/or beet sugar inside them, and made with real active yeast, you know what I'm talking about. In the words of my brother in law, maker of the above-pictured waffles, these waffles could turn an atheist into a believer. They are that good.

We first ate these waffles a few years ago at a Belgian Beer Festival in Boston. Then last year Heather and Chris went to Belgium and ate waffles on every street corner. Last Christmas, Heather gave Chris a waffle maker and he set about perfecting his waffle recipe at home. These here waffles are what I ate for breakfast my first morning out in California last week. They are tooth achingly sweet and totally amazing. If you have never experienced waffles like this, I suggest you seek them out. I think they have a waffle house in Somerville that makes 'em like this. Either that or go to Belgium, or go to my sister's house in Thousand Oaks, California. Due to the volume of waffles made last Saturday, they have a freezer full of these suckers.

More on waffles and California cuisine as soon as I can see the wood grain on the surface of my desk under this pile of paperwork. I swear it. xo.

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  1. looks delicious! just got a waffle maker last night!


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