Thursday, January 28, 2010

soup as sauce and the definition of "hangry"

squash pasta

...sometimes everything converges in one week, right? And most of those things happening are, well, completely your fault, right? So I'm owning up to it right here, right now. I will admit that sometimes I get annoyed when like, everyone you run into that you haven't seen in forever are like, "oh, well I've just been so busy" but seriously, sometimes you are so busy. Why do we jam pack our every moment? I'll contemplate this next week, since this week, I'm just "too busy." I apologize for not hacking out a proper post this week but between my sister visiting, throwing her a baby shower, looking for apartments (yes, we're going to co-hab!) and not one but two sessions this week of yoga teacher training, I'm flat out. Did I also mention it's my dad's birthday? So anyways. Sue me. Herewith I bequeath you with a meal best dashed together on a week night, when you return home half-starved and hangry. For those that don't know "hangry" is it's when you get so hungry you're angry. Hangry. Yesterday morning we spent 2.5 hours with a broker looking at apartments. The search was unsuccessful and needless to say after a fruitless morning of testing water pressure and peeking in strangers closets with nothing to eat come 11 a.m., I put the "ang" in hangry.


1/2 cup or so butternut squash soup (hopefully yours is extra thick, like mine)
brown rice pasta
salt, pepper and parmesan cheese

bring pasta water to a boil, salt generously and add rotini. I really love brown rice pasta, but some people don't. You can use any old kind of pasta here, I just like the way these curly Qs allow for a larger surface area and hence up the sauce to pasta ratio. Meanwhile dump a little leftover soup in your serving bowl. Maybe nuke it for just a few seconds, to take the chill off. When pasta is cooked drain and immediately dump in serving bowl. Toss to coat with soup/sauce, generously sprinkle with salt, cracked black pepper and parmesan. Eat without breathing in front of American Idol auditions. Find that you actually don't miss Paula as much as you thought you might.

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