Thursday, December 1, 2011

some assembly required

On Sunday we had a Quiche Eating Contest, I mean Baby Shower Brunch, for my cousin at my aunt's house. I was told to bring an appetizer. But what exactly is an appropriate appetizer for brunch? I figured something with smoked salmon would be a good fit, so I threw these little bites together. I'm quite sure I saw a recipe of this sort on the internet somewhere a long time ago but what my mother heard was "she just made it up on the spot and she's a GENIUS!" Come to think of it that scenario describes every culinary achievement of mine my mother has ever crowed about. I think we know where I get my inflated sense of self esteem.


Regardless of that, these are perfect tasty little bites and here's why this appetizer is worth sharing here: you can pick up the ingredients at the store on the way to your party and assemble them there as you chat and catch up with the host(ess). At this time of year when time is at a premium, you can't get much better than that.


one package Scottish smoked salmon
Small container sour cream
fresh dill
bag of kettle cooked potato chips. Either salted or salt and pepper*

*I prefer Kettle brand for these, the chips tend to be bigger than Cape Cods. But I prefer Cape Cods in real life because I gotta represent (throws up coastal New England gang sign that looks like a lighthouse).

This is more assembly instructions than an actual recipe per se, but here's how to put them together:

Take a single chip, smear with a touch of sour cream, top with a small slice of smoked salmon and a pinch of dill. Repeat times a million until you run out of salmon. I made a quick onion dip with the rest of the sour cream and served it with all the leftover chips. These things move fast, you may want to assemble them out of grabbing range of hungry people.

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