Thursday, July 29, 2010

what it's all about


One Sunday morning not too long ago, this breakfast was the perfect start to a perfect day. A day spent with people I love the best at one of my favorite places on the planet. The water was 70 degrees and there were waves. There are never waves. I spent about three hours in the ocean diving into, jumping over and riding the crest of these perfect, delicious waves with my main squeeze and my niece and nephew. Afterwards we trekked, waterlogged, back to my aunt’s house, showered off the sand and ate lobsters in drawn butter, cake and ice cream for my mom’s birthday dinner. We walked back down to the beach and watched the sunset before starting the drive home. I almost cried. Alright, I did cry a little. Because that kind of day is the sort that reminds you of what life is all about. Floating weightless, sandy toes, corn on the cob: simple happiness.

There is something to be said for utter and complete simplicity in the kitchen as well. Given the surplus of 90 degree days in Massachusetts this summer, I haven’t been cooking much lately so much as I’ve been assembling. Fortunately, these dog days are also the one time of year where we find ourselves with a bounty of locally grown, farm fresh produce. Now, during the winter, there is nothing I like better than making a big, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast. When it’s chilly outside simmering pots of baked beans, paprika laced homefries and multiple cups of warm coffee make sense. When it’s hot outside I don’t even want to think of anything that sticks to my ribs, namely because my hair is sticking to my forehead and my thighs to any sort of vinyl seat covering whose path they may cross.


For me, assembling a little “homemade” scallion cream cheese, slathering it on a bagel with thick slices of perfect summer tomatoes, adding a sprinkle of sea salt and some cranks of fresh black pepper is breakfast nirvana. This meal is best eaten on the back deck, with a couple iced coffees and maybe some fresh fruit; spending your afternoon riding ocean waves is optional, but highly recommended.

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  1. Did I see wheat berries, water, and salt as the ingredients?! hell, even I could make that- after I figured out what wheat berries were.


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